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About Us

noah martin

Hi there.

I’m Noah, and from the looks of it, I’m your new Aquarium Guy!

If you’re looking for tips on making your tank thrive, you’ve come to the right place.

How did it all start?

Ava and I met on a forum, discussing whether Betta fish get bored being on their own (I know, silly) – our years of friendship and sharing aquarium maintenance experiences built up on that.

Let’s be honest, making an aquarium thrive is rarely an easy job, and being passionate about becoming an aquarist is usually not enough, or at least so we’ve learned in our many years of being aquarium hobbyists.

Yup, we’ve made many mistakes, but all is not lost since we’ve learned so much from them and have chosen to share everything with others in need of tips & tricks we’ve come to the hard way.

With us, you can learn how to become excellent at taking care of fish and underwater animals, choose the best diet for them, pick their tank buddies and the plants that best suit the habitat you’re aiming to create, recognize the signs of distress or illness and surely, oversee the tank’s cleanliness and health.

In case there’s something you wish to read about and we haven’t yet covered, feel free to contact us at:

noah at aquariumguy dot net


ava at aquariumguy dot net